Creating a luxury living room is all about bringing your taste to the table, and if you like an airy, spacious room with a striking feature, a contemporary style is definitely for you.

The design of modern living rooms has evolved continuously after incorporating cultural influences and drawing inspiration from other styles.

Opting for personalized modular furniture will help you add the eye-catchy factor to your living room.

If you are looking for inspiration to design a contemporary living room, you’ve reached the right place.

5 Interior Design Ideas to Decorate Your Living Room

  • Reduce Clutter

    Less is more. Contemporary doesn’t mean cold or minimalist; it just means warm, chic, and personalized.

    So, the key is to simplify your styling and elevate your decor to be subtly sophisticated.

  • Furniture

    Choose furniture pieces that are both bold and simple. You can switch to contemporary furniture by choosing a smooth curved chesterfield sofa in any color, such as navy blue, beige, or even red.

    With a light background, this bold piece will stand out. Invest in furniture that saves space and has plenty of storage.

  • Furnishings

    Make your fabric furnishings interesting by using interesting patterns or self-patterns. Avoid too many loud prints and colors.

    Consider using patterned cushions, striped drapes, or a patterned rug in a neutral room, but keep the colors neutral.

    Also, avoid heavy fringes and tassels on sofa covers, chairs, and curtains.

  • Lighting

    Make use of recessed lighting, cove lighting, and spotlights, especially to highlight the artwork. Install colored or metallic wall scones.

    The use of a floor lamp or a chandelier would also be very effective.

  • Flooring

    In the living room, choose flooring that is made of wood, tile, or vinyl. Patterned tiles should be used carefully – striped or geometric carpets can be used in a monochromatic or neutral living room.

    Now that you have a ton of ideas to work on, you can easily make your living room stand out.

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