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Modular Bed

Xena designs a bed for a stress-free sleep.

We provide modular bed design which makes your bedroom not only pretty but also space-friendly. 


A good bed is very important to make your bedroom cozy and pretty. Our bed design is easily customizable according to your ideas so that you sleep and relax the right way.


According to mattress sizes, we have 3 main types of beds: Single Bed, Double/Queen size Bed, and King Size bed. While these are basic sizes, according to your customized design the total size of the bed will vary.


We provide beds with innovative hydraulic operation. The hydraulic lift-up mechanism provides the utility with utter comfort. It reduces the risk of back pain caused by lifting heavy beds.

A hydraulic lift is exactly the kind of comfort that you need in your bedroom. It optimizes the storage capacity of your room too without occupying extra floor space. 


We also manufacture pull-out beds and storage beds that can provide comfort with optimum utilization of space. Pull-out beds are a  perfect example to optimize space usage. It is like a secret bed or space inside one bed. These beds are perfect for the guest staying over.


Xena also designs sofa cum and foldable beds which are holistic and comfortable. These sofa cum beds are extremely space friendly, so are best suited for Mumbai and Thane homes. With our manufacturing unit, we design customized sofa cum beds that can make your home look more luxurious than mundane. 

Advantages of hydraulic beds:

Compact and low vibration system

Maintenance friendly

Space Friendly

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