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Office space to boost productivity.

Xena designs offices according to the needs and wants of your business.


Our team of expert designers and skilled craftsmen can design office spaces that are apt for your work requirements.

Xena provides a turnkey solution to build your office from scratch. Our design solutions provide interior design and execution of everything required to make your workspace functional and running. Our technical solutions include Civil Works, interior designing, HVAC, electrical works, fire protection, alarm systems, LAN, data cabling, electronic surveillance, and Video conferencing equipment installations. Our solutions are cost-effective and tailored according to your business needs.

We can execute your pre-existing design plan for your offices on a contract basis. It covers all commercial interiors through a team of skilled craftsmen. For easy communication and coordination, we ensure a single window during the entire tenure of your design. 

Our team of interior designers believes in functional aesthetics. Our design of office space has a highly contemporary look with functionality. We make sure that your office needs are taken into consideration while designing your workspace.

Xena designs office furniture that integrates your company’s culture and values.

Xena designs tables according to the placement, comfort, and usability of your employees. 

Xena designs workstations and partitions to provide space and privacy to your employees. 

We design reception area furniture for easy accessibility and movement of visitors, keeping your organization’s culture in mind. 

Xena designs and manufactures a conference table that fosters clear communication between your employees. 

We create a director’s table to facilitate the smooth working of the director, keeping the company’s theme in mind. 

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