Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen to boost your cooking experience

Xena designs a modular kitchen that is highly functional yet spacious.


The kitchen is the heart of every house. As modular kitchen manufacturers in Thane and Mumbai, we understand and embrace each homemaker’s unique needs. Considering the kitchen has transformed from being more than just a cooking space, we design an organized kitchen highlighting your particular pain points. We strive to make your kitchen more functional and personalized.


Visit our modular kitchen showroom in Thane and explore the exciting world of modular kitchens. 

Modular Kitchen Solutions We Offer


We design a planned modular kitchen with ample storage options, even in small spaces. These include Kitchen trolleys with shutters, overhead cabinets, a modular crockery unit, a wire basket made of pure stainless steel, cutlery trays, saucer baskets, and a crockery unit.

Global standards

All our kitchen solutions are crafted to meet international standards and yet suit Indian home requirements, especially homes in Thane and Mumbai.

Tailored for Mumbai

Our modular kitchen products use 18 mm-thick ply that is laminated on both sides to withstand Mumbai's humid climate for a longer time.


We offer special bottle pull-outs to place 3 rows according to height to avoid cramping systematically.


Our specialized dustbin and detergent rack holder, hidden behind the sink door, is designed to make your kitchen look immaculate.


We offer a special customization option to accommodate crockeries and utensils of different sizes.


We use affordable yet creative German-made Hettich baskets, telescopic channels, and hardware.


Our 18 years of experience manufacturing customized modular kitchens have helped us better serve our consumers in Thane and Mumbai. We value customer feedback and provide customized options for all your cooking needs.

Advantages of modular kitchen

Suitable for humid climate


Efficient Storage

Beautiful appearance


Smart Design

Space Efficient

Dressing Table Gallery

Upgrade your kitchen with our modular designs.

Dressing Table Gallery



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