Are you looking for a stunning makeover for your bedroom? Changing your modular wardrobe’s laminate can give your room a quick, cost-friendly makeover. 

Gone is the era where wardrobes just had a functional part in your bedroom. Nowadays, bedrooms also enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom and be pleasing to the eye. 

You can transform the look and feel of your bedroom by choosing your wardrobe colors, finishes, and designs. Laminates are a popular alternative to wood for finishes to give your wardrobes an aesthetic and appealing look.
Xena, a modular furniture manufacturer in Thane, provides customized laminates for your wardrobes to give your closet the necessary makeover!

10 Laminate wardrobe designs for a stunning makeover:

1. Dramatic yet Vintage Look by Mellow Rose:

Our mellow rose pastel laminate is a delightful blend of violet and pink hues. It creates a romantic and inviting ambiance and instantly adds a touch of elegance to any interior design. This duskiest pink is a perfect tone to add a delicate vibrance to your bedroom. 

2. Add Peace and softness to your bedroom with Whity Blue Pastel laminate:

Our White-blue pastel laminate is a soft blend of blue and white. These colors have a calming effect and add a sense of ease to your bedroom. In addition, being a lighter tone, it also makes your small space look bigger. Consider adding a mirror to your wardrobe to enhance the look of the blue pastel laminate. 

3. Stylish and elegant look by Sea Pearl laminate:

Sea Pearl Laminate is primarily from the family of gray with slight cyan undertones. This Fluted Laminate adds the luster and color of sea pearl to your bedroom. While it looks like a regular beige color, it directly adds visual interest to your bedroom. Laminating your Closet with this can add a touch of stylishness along with versatility to your bedroom. 

4. Modern yet Timeless look by Cappuccino Matte laminate.

Cappuccino Matte Laminate immediately creates a more pleasing effect for your room. This color reminds you of your favorite drink, Coffee, as well as the natural landscapes. This indirectly creates a comforting atmosphere in your room. 

You can completely transform the look and feel of your room by giving your wardrobe a cappuccino matte laminate. The best part is that this color is highly compatible with many popular colors; hence, it can easily blend into your room. 

5. Make a subtle statement with Napple Walnut Texture laminate.

Napple Walnut Texture Laminate adds a quick source to your bedroom. The texture of this laminate adds depth to your room decor and richness to your room. This laminate is luxurious for someone looking for a bold makeover for their room yet wants to make it feel inviting. You can complement this textured laminate with complementary colors to encourage relaxation in your bedroom. 

6. Add a woody tone to your bedroom with Classico Wooden laminate

Classico Wooden Laminate is a great way to add natural woody tones to your room. The natural styles of this laminate automatically contribute to relaxation and a positive mood. This wooden laminate can highlight the overall atmosphere of your bedroom and is highly recommended for anyone who loves a neutral feel in your room. 

7. Add the goodness of serene seaside blues with Shore Pastel laminate

Shore Pastel Laminate can immediately make your room feel relaxing and fresh. Personalized modular furniture with Shore Pastel Laminate can turn your boring bedroom into a modern interior design. 

8. Make your bedroom look luxurious yet soothing with stylish beige laminate.

Stylish Beige laminate can exude a sense of warmth to your bedroom. The unique finish of this laminate can add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. Contrary to what many people assume, the color beige doesn’t give a dull appearance to your room. This laminate is recommended for anyone who wants to add a touch of monochrome look to their bedroom with a soothing vibe. 

9. Add a touch of class to your modular wardrobe with Dove Grey laminate

At first, Grey laminate may appear expressionless, but it emphasizes your wardrobe’s interior details and gently stands out. Dove Grey laminate adds a sense of style and luxury to your bedroom while maintaining the calm vibes in your room.

10. Add royalness to your bedroom with British buff Gloss laminate

British Buff color adds a sense of comfort and a secure feeling to your bedroom, while gloss laminate can add a touch of royalty to your room. It can Conifer your room and add a touch of class to your bedroom. We recommend this laminate for anyone who wants to add an air of royal feeling to their bedroom.

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