The bedroom is a very special room in the whole house. It’s a room that is truly yours. You can move around freely and be yourself in that space.

And when you have such a special place, why not make it stunning or eye-catching? Why not add a modern wardrobe that would complete it?

Adding just any kind of wardrobe would not do justice to your sacred space. And for that, we have come up with a list of some of the best wardrobe designs to make your bedroom stunning.

Here, you will find designs ranging from simple and classic to abstract and fancy. Before we dive in, let us first understand what a modular or modern wardrobe is and why you need one.

Why Splurge for Modern Modular Wardrobes?

The old traditional wardrobes had their fair share of pros but mostly cons. First and foremost, they are not that great to look at.

Most of the traditional wardrobes are made by carpenters; hence they lack in terms of finish and proper dimensions.

Even with years of craftsmanship and expertise, a carpenter could not get that perfect finish and precision that a machine can.

Modular Wardrobes don’t just look good; they are very functional and useful. They are factory-made hence zero imperfections. They help you organize your bedroom the best way with plenty of space and custom cabinets.

You can have them made as per your requirement and choose from plenty of customization options.

Now that we have a clear understanding of what modern modular wardrobes are, let us take a look at some of designs that will make your bedroom stunning.

Best Modern Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

Multi-Panel Sliding Doors

  • This type of wardrobe design is perfect for rooms where you have space constraints.
  • Additionally, they are favoured by almost every interior designer and homemaker. You can easily add pull-out shelves hangers in this wardrobe.

Multi-Panel Sliding Doors

  • Waxwing design is similar to Multi-panel, however in this design, you only get two sliding doors.
  • Due to the reduced number of panels, you get big doors and can easily store larger objects like even mattresses.

Elevated Cupboards

  • This type of wardrobe design can be done with places with high ceilings.
  • The cupboards can be customised as per the dimension of the room. It provides you extra storage space for items that you might use rarely.

Elevated Cupboards

  • If an elegant and classy wardrobe is your desire then Vinyl Door Wardrobes would be the right fit for you. Being vinyl, they are glossy and promulgate an almost mirrored look.
  • They are lightweight and durable. Plus they are one of the best looking wardrobe designs on this list.

Mirror Doors

  • For people who wake up in the morning and immediately turn to their dresser, this modern wardrobe design would be perfect for you.
  • Having it integrated on the wardrobe itself is perfect as you can style your look without having to turn and move much.

Opaque Wardrobes

  • Privacy is nothing but just a word today. For people who value their privacy and don’t want guests to see what’s in their closet, this type of modular wardrobe design could be the winner.
  • It gives a very classic look to the overall aesthetic of the room while also obscuring the contents of the wardrobe.

Vintage Wardrobes

  • Someone once said, “Old is Gold” and they could not have been wrong.
  • The vintage look is making a comeback in the 21st century with its aesthetically pleasing vintage look and functionality of modern modular wardrobes.

Which kind of modern wardrobe design would be perfect for you?

Well, as we have said before, it all depends upon your preference. However, if you like for your bedroom to have that stunning vintagy and classy look, you cannot go wrong with Vinyl Doors, Opaque Wardrobes or Vintage Wardrobes.

But if you want your bedroom to chant the verse of modern times, you can go with Mirror Doors, Elevated Cupboards, Multi-panel or Waxwing Sliding Doors.

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