When you hear the word ‘modular office furniture’ you imagine furniture that looks classy and sophisticated. You are right, but not completely. Modular furniture is designed to be functional and comfortable along with looking classy and elegant.

What is Modular Office Furniture?

Modular furniture is a set of furniture customised according to a workplace. This furniture is flexible and is multi-functional. Also, this furniture can be easily moved and changed as per the requirements.

It is ideal if the organisation is growing or shifting. For example, the most relevant example we can take is the pandemic; it changed the whole avenue of working. All the organisations had to switch to work from home. Many organisations gave laptops and PCs along with ergonomic chairs to their employees.

It couldn’t have been possible without modular office furniture. Unlike traditional furniture, modular furniture isn’t endless rows of cubicles fitted in one place. Many offices are considering switching to modular office furniture, as it is more comfortable and flexible.

Although modular furniture is expensive and adds cost when a new member joins the organisation, it has many advantages, making it a long-term investment. The other name of modular furniture is comfortable furniture. Recent research shows that employees are more creative and dedicated when they are comfortable.

There are many modular office furniture manufacturers in Thane that provide modular furniture. While you are renovating your office, you have a lot of alternatives.

Here are different options for modular office furniture.

The increasingly popular modular kitchen has many advantages. Here are a few advantages that all help you decide as to why a modular kitchen is the best for your home.

Cubical : One of the most common office furniture is cubical, it is simple wood panels attached to each other forming a room. It gives the employee a personal space and separates them from their neighbouring workspace. The main reason for a cubical is that the employee can work in peace with full concentration. Cubicles are made up of modular parts such as walls, bins, drawers, and storage that may be rearranged to meet the demands of the user.

Desk :The desk is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the office. Employees are dependent upon their desks for the entire day. Even traditional furniture has desks, so what makes modular furniture different from them? A modular desk comes with many drawers so that an employee need not get up from his place every now and then. He can easily store his files, keys, and important documents in it. Unlike a traditional desk, a modular desk is very handy.

Shelf: There are shelves attached to the walls in addition to the shelves on the desk. These shelves are not only attractive, but they are also extremely functional. Each department has a shelf designated to them. Shelves make it more comfortable to find anything as there are many compartments in them, where a person can effortlessly segregate things

Workstation : Generally, people get confused between workstations and office desks. Workstation is a broad section that has many chairs and desks joined together. All the chairs are movable, whereas the desks are attached. A workstation is a good option for BPOs and call centres, as it promotes safety and productivity.

Office Chair : Without an office chair, no workplace can be built. From an employee to CEO, everyone needs an office chair. A modular office chair is flexible and can easily rotate. It is way more comfortable than a traditional chair resulting in more productivity. Also, a modular office chair encourages right posture, due to which there are lesser chances of back pain.

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