Study Table

Xena designs a study table that encourages you to achieve your academic goals.

Xena designs customized and innovative study table designs that promote comfort, diligence, and creativity. Xena designs study tables that are not sturdy yet not bulky.


Our modular study table has sufficient space for all your study essentials and can be easily customized to fit your space. These tables can easily accommodate electronic devices such as desktops and be converted into workstations or act as laptop tables for your home office.

With ample space for all your study essentials, our modular study table designs are a versatile addition to any space. Whether you need a workstation for your desktop or a laptop table for your home office, Xena’s tables can quickly adapt to your needs. Moreover, it seamlessly fits properly with your modular beds and other bedroom furniture, ensuring a harmonious aesthetic in your bedroom space.

Features of our study table:

Utilizes less floor space

Sturdy yet not bulky

Storage friendly


Easily customized

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