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5 Amazing Shoe Rack Designs for Systematic Storage.

Due to advancement in technology modular interiors are gaining too much popularity. Xena modular home furniture meets the needs of elegant and stylish modular spaces that give more luxurious look to the entire house.

From living room interior designing to exclusive modular kitchen, modular interiors fill up every corner of the room. One of the most popular advantages of Xena Design is the customised modular furniture.

If you're someone who is particular about every corner of the house, we are here with every modern interior solution. Shoe racks contribute to the overall decor of the house as they make significant impact for your house.

A stylish and well designed shoe rack helps to organize your footwear, make space for the house and also showcase your footwear collection. Premium shoe rack designs add an aesthetic look to your house.

Make your House Look More Elite with these 5 Amazing Shoe Rack Designs

  • 1. Wooden shoe rack:

    Looking for a long lasting modular shoe rack then a wooden shoe rack is the best for your decor. It adds up a touch of elegance to your room.

    The natural wood finish can complement any decor, and the aesthetic design can accommodate multiple pairs of shoes.

  • 2. Rotating shoe rack:

    Stylish and easily accessible with its 360 degree rotational feature, makes it stand out. It allows you to access all your shoes despite you moving around.

    This shoe rack also comes with an excellent storage space. This unique shoe rack is a fun way to keep your shoes systematic.

  • 3. Shoe rack with seat:

    For those who like to be comfortable while getting on their shoes should opt for this type of shoe rack.

    We have different modern designs for these type of shoe racks too make the children and elderly comfortable.

  • 4. Multi purpose shoe organiser:

    If you are someone who is looking to save space in your home while storing shoes, consider a Multi purpose shoe organiser.

    You can also use it to store other items like pet supplies, tool boxes, toiletries etc. The rack comes with an elegant design that offers a stunning look to your home decor. It is made up of wooden material that offers long lasting durability.

  • 5. Foldable shoe rack:

    This rack comes with several tiers, so you can store your various footwears such as heels, boots and flats etc effectively. Installing floating kitchen cabinets can be a great way to highlight hardwood floors and open up the space quite easily.

    It comes with zippered covers, that shields all the shoes away from mist and dust. Additionally it hides footwear away from the view of guest. Constructed up from steel tubes and plastic connectors makes it long lasting.

Xena Design ends your search for modern shoe racks with systematic storage. High quality crafts and modern designs is what Xena claims and offers to customers. We help you with custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

Shoe racks and safety doors go hand in hand for the perfect home decor. We create a cohesive and stylish look for your shoe rack that matches the safety door to complete the aesthetic look of your house.

Xena Design is one of the best Furniture showrooms in Thane that offers premium quality home furniture for your living room.

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